Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics launch humanitarian aid program for the occupied Donbass

On Friday, February 17, the joint briefing of the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko and the Head of the Lugansk People's Republic Igor Plotnitsky took place in Lugansk.

The Heads of the DPR and LPR made the joint statement on the beginning of the program on provision of humanitarian aid to the occupied Donbass. The main objectives of the humanitarian aid program are: firstly, rendering services in the medical and education spheres, secondly, payments to veterans and, thirdly, assistance to disunited families. Besides, there is a large ecological part envisaging control of the ecologically dangerous industry units by the republican commissions in the Kiev-controlled territories. Humanitarian foundations were established to support fellow countrymen, the aid program includes joint cultural, educational, sport events involving residents of cities and villages on both sides of the contact line.

According to Alexander Zakharchenko, the program is directed, above all, to the prospect of the temporarily occupied territories' return under the Republics' control.

"Liberation of the occupied territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics is our priority task. I was always saying that it would be preferable to have this done in a political way. But if Ukraine doesn't get this, we will remind that we can do it in a military way as well. Our brothers and sisters remained in that territory. And this statement is chiefly addressed to them. We haven't forgotten about you. We remember our duty to Kramatorsk, Lisichansk. We remember our friends and brothers who were killed in battles for these cities. We remember hundreds and thousands of citizens accused of separatism and terrorism, and tortured in prisons. These were our fellow countrymen, compatriots, family. The people whom we are obliged to remember. We will do for them everything we can. We remember our duty. We are obliged to discharge this duty," said Alexander Zakharchenko.

The Head of the DPR also noted that in the nearest future on the contact line there would be established special centres for implementation of the joint program.

"The discussion touched establishment of centres on the contact line which would render legal services, offer advice on obtaining our (DPR) passports, treatment, studying at our institutions etc.," said Alexander Zakharchenko.

When answering journalists' questions, Zakharchenko emphasized that the present program would be a denial of the lies about the feud between the Republics spread by the Ukrainian propaganda.

"No matter what our enemies tell about our relations, believe: people who have been shedding blood together, sharing the last can of stewed meat, freezing near Debaltsevo, risking life – are brothers already," said the DPR Head.


The event culminated with an awards ceremony for the military personnel who had been participating in liberation of Debaltsevo.