The Head of the DPR commented on the political situation and early elections in Ukraine.

The Head of the DPR commented on the political situation and early elections in Ukraine.

Correspondent: Alexander Vladimirovich, Ukraine is facing a political crisis after Saakashvili's scandalous return. Famous politicians — Timoshenko, Sadovy, Nalivaychenko, Gritsenko and others — joined Saakashvili, as well as some oligarchs. Most likely, this group will demand early elections. What is your opinion on these developments and the affect they may have on the Donbass life?

A.V. Zakharchenko: I'm in no way concerned about it. This matter lies within the internal affairs of another state. At the same time, we understand that both the authorities in the former Ukraine and the new opposition hold the same views. The Nazi criminals Bandera and Shukhevych are national heroes for both sides. Both groups rely on radical nationalists. Both forces were involved in unleashing the war against us, that is, both of them will either be accused or witnesses in the future military tribunal. By the way, both sides stand for the continuation of the war and the extermination of those inhabitants of Donbass who have made their choice in favour of independence.

So, I repeat, I have no particular position regarding this point. It's time to begin stockpiling popcorn.

But I would like to make one remark. The new opposition in Kiev insists on early presidential and Verkhovna Rada elections. Well, I want to say that if these elections are held, the political fraud that Kiev made in the last elections in 2014 will never happen again. This time we will not let them pretend as if presidential elections of the former Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada are held in our territory. In 2014, there were no Ukrainian elections in our territory either, but Kiev blatantly stated that it was holding elections throughout the territory of the former Ukraine. That is why we consider those elections to be illegal and the authorities of Ukraine – illegitimate.

This time it will not work. We will prove to the whole world that no Ukrainian elections will be held in our territory. That is, Kiev will have to choose an option: either to recognize that the elections take place in the part of the territory they claim as theirs, and, accordingly, to recognize their rule as limitedly legitimate; or to recognize the DPR and the LPR, and then hold elections in the 'entire territory', but within their own state only — without us.