Alexander Zakharchenko: “You will never kill us all”

Today Mikhail Tolstykh, Somali battalion's Commander under call sign "Givi" was killed meanly. Preliminary investigation showed that it had been a terrorist attack. The investigation team is establishing those to blame, and we will find them in the nearest future." 

In my turn would like to stress that at the moment we are at war with the state which has so far turned into a terrorist organization. They cannot defeat us in battle-fields. They find themselves in ‘pockets’ as a result of each offensive. Therefore, they kill us meanly, through the back door. I address all the Ukrainian authorities and military… You will never manage to shoot all of us! Even if killed, we will come and kill you. You have just yourself given us the right for this. 


Besides, I address the entire global community – I urge to put Ukrainian authorities on the terrorist organizations’ watchlist.