Alexander Zakharchenko: "The referendum on Ukraine's accession to NATO means rejection of Donbass"

Attempting to hold a referendum on Ukraine's accession to NATO means the ultimate Kiev's rejection of Donbass. Firstly, because Donbass will not participate in this referendum – just physically no one will be able to organize this process now. And secondly, we have repeatedly said that one of the most important requirements of Donbass is that Donbass stands for at least friendly and allied relations with Russia and, therefore, against NATO, which carries a serious anti-Russian fuse.

Anyway, the referendum on joining NATO would mean the final Kiev's rejection of Donbass.


Not to mention the fact that NATO will hardly recognize such referendum as legitimate without the participation of Donbass, which both Kiev and NATO publicly acknowledge a part of Ukraine. So the idea of such a referendum from Poroshenko's side is information dust in the eyes and imitation of intense activity. But he has nothing else to do.