Alexander Zakharchenko “No room for traitors like Yanukovich and Azarov in Donbass”

The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko commented on some media’s reports on the Ukrainian former political elite’s plans for returning to Donbass, and also assessed Donetsk people’s negative feedback to this news at the briefing on March 27.  

 “Negativity in the social networks which is a reaction of the residents of the Donetsk People's Republic to this news is a normal reaction of normal people.

On actual basis, Yanukovych is an incumbent President of Ukraine. He didn't hand over his power, there were no normal elections, and everything that occurred during his exile and flight is illegal seizure of power. But I would like to clear the air once and for all: Yanukovych has no relation to everything dealing with the Donetsk People's Republic.

Whether he was the President or will be, we just don’t care. Where was the President on May 26, 2014? And during the combat assault of Debaltsevo? Firstly, he was in Kharkov then he ran away to Russia. The President was not with his people! And it concerns the following people: Yanukovich, Azarov, Klimenko, Arbuzov, my namesake Zakharchenko and others. I suggest entering these people in the list of those people who are not to enter the Donetsk People's Republic. We have nothing to do with traitors!

If it were about the fact that Yanukovych would appear in Kiev soon then we would sit and discuss it. Kiev for Yanukovich is the point from which he ran away and the point to which he has to return. What does it have to do with Donetsk? The President wasn't thrown out from here, his car wasn’t shot in Donetsk, there were not burned down tires near his windows. If Yanukovich had been wise in 2013-14: it even wouldn’t have been necessary to ask the Russian Federation for military assistance, but it would have been necessary just to give weapons to the Donbass people, in this case there would have been no war.


We would have dispersed the Maidan within two hours. We would have succeeded in avoiding tens of thousands of the dead over these three years. As a normal President he had to understand what he risked and that thousands of lives of people, the destroyed economy and, in general, the destiny of the country were put on the line.  Instead of actions, he ran away to Russia like a coward, and now he wants to return? Not to us. There is Kharkov, Kiev …. We can collect money to buy a ticket for him if he has no money,” stated the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic.