A deed follows a word: Head of State hands apartment keys to people who addressed him at Q&A session

On August 8, Alexander Zakharchenko handed the keys to the apartment in Gorlovka to a family with two children who addressed him at the Q&A session.

During the direct line with the inhabitants of Donbass on June 28, Viktoria Vikhreva reached out to the Head of the DPR. "I left Yasinovataya because of the bombings with two small children, I'm renting an apartment for 3 500 rubles a month, but I get paid only 7,000 rubles a month, but I cannot work because one child is bedridden. Please, help with the flat. Moreover, the son is seriously ill, he is to be operated by a surgeon from Moscow, but the road to the clinic and back is very expensive, and we don't have such money," the woman complained.

Alexander Zakharchenko personally provided housing for the family. Victoria was offered three apartments to choose from. As a result, the new place of residence was the centre of Gorlovka. The family was allocated a three-room apartment from a maneuverable fund. Thanks to the action "All Together" and the activists of the public movement "Donetsk Republic" the apartment for a new family was equipped with the necessary furniture.

The issue of treatment and transportation to Russia of a nine-year-old Dima suffering from a severe neurological illness is also under the control of the Head of State. In September the boy will be operated in Moscow.

Alexander Zakharchenko personally came to congratulate the family of Vikhrevs on the house-warming. He wished the family happiness in the new house and a speedy recovery for Dima.

Also, the Head of State laid flowers to the memorial of the deceased residents of Gorlovka and talked to the citizens.


"Hundreds of civilians died here, there are thousands of deceased throughout the Republic. These are our countrymen, our relatives and friends. Here, at the memorial, there is the name of the girl who died when she was 11 months old, today she would have a birthday. It's all terrible and painful. But we did not come to Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, or Kiev. They came to our land with weapons in their hands. Believe me, they will answer for everything, they will pay for everything," Alexander Zakharchenko said.