Participants of Oplot Donbassa public organization's congress support Alexander Zakharchenko's candidacy in elections

On December 28, an annual reporting and election conference of members of the Oplot Donbassa public organization was held in Donetsk. The guest of the congress was the founder and Honorary President of the organization, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

Before the beginning of the conference, the participants paid a minute of silence to the chief of the Yasinovataya branch of the organization Yury Safonov, who died on the night of December 21.

The chairman of the board, the commander of the detachment for carrying out special rescue works of special risk "Legion" Sergey Zavdoveyev, reported the work done by Oplot Donbassa for 2017. According to him, the head count of the organization has increased 10-fold. Particular attention was paid to working with young people, patriotic education and anti-war propaganda, humanitarian assistance to socially unprotected categories of the population. Hundreds of events and charitable actions are under organization's belt.

Alexander Zakharchenko addressed the members of the organization, voicing the tasks for the next year.

"Summing up, it's customary to congratulate on successes, but I want to touch on what we should pay attention to next year. Brothers, do you remember why we created the organization? It was a military brotherhood, an alliance of those who voluntarily defended the Republic. Our motto is: "There is no bond more blessed than fellowship." With it we fought. We were a single force, the total number of Oplot exceeded 11 thousand people! And today many units of the corps are Oplot members. Together we died of thirst, attacked tanks, got surrounded, held the defense, lost close friends.

Our main task is the memory of those brothers whom we lost in battles, help to their relatives and families. Next year, it is necessary to identify all the guys who served, to systemize this work in order to provide any assistance needed. No one should stay out of work!

Publishing books and organizing children's parties is good, but how many people have become disabled, how many families are without breadwinners! Caring for them is the most important! Let 2018 be the year of memory for the Oplot Donbassa organization!

The second direction is the patriotic education of the youth. I offer our officers, people who have gone through all the hell of war, to meet with the guys in high schools, to tell them the truth, no matter how bitter it may be: about the women killed by the nationalist battalions, about how we went to fight tanks with bare hands. We need to communicate live, so that the younger generation knows the truth.

As part of the development of the country's economy, the organization should strengthen its work with young scientists. We largely underestimate our youth, but it must be involved in all areas of the state's life. Yes, the ideas of young people are sometimes insane. But, weren't we insane when we decided to defend our land and people and went against the armed army, having nothing?

Also, I believe that it is Oplot Donbassa that can assume the organization and introduction of spirituality lessons in educational institutions, of which we spoke with Patriarch Kirill.

Another mission is to convey information about the development of the state, political and economic changes to the fighters who are now defending the borders of the Republic. They are real heroes! And they must understand that they are important for our country," the Head of State said.

He also noted that, on the whole, he considers the work of the organization to be satisfactory and congratulated the combat brotherhood on the New Year and Christmas.

In turn, the congress issued a resolution in which it was decided to support Alexander Zakharchenko as a candidate for the post of the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic in the next election. In addition, the Oplot Donbassa organization intends to nominate its candidates for the People's Council.