Several faiths’ representatives brought around one table in Donetsk on Kurban Bairam holiday

Representatives of various confessions presented in the Republic were gathered in Donetsk at the official reception of the DPR Head on one of the most important holidays of Islam, Kurban Bairam.

The attendees noted that the day for the first such meeting of leaders of different faiths had been chosen for a reason, as Kurban Bairam is a bright holiday of unity, faith, and peace. The guests emphasised that the aggression against the Donetsk People's Republic did not distinguish religions, it was aimed at churches, mosques and synagogues, people of all the nationalities perished under fire.

"This holiday has united various people today. In the current war situation, this is very significant, because Christians, Muslims and Jews defend the Republic... In trenches, there is no division by faith. Muslims would pull out Christians from the battlefield under a barrage of fire, and the latter would give their blood to the Muslims. That is why we are all in agreement here, working together toward a common goal.


I wholeheartedly congratulate the Muslims on the occasion! I wish you happiness, prosperity, family warmth and good health!" Alexander Zakharchenko said.