Head of Republic hands apartment keys to young doctors of Shakhtyorsk

On December 26, the Head of the Republic handed keys to the new housing to young doctors - narrow specialists from Shakhtyorsk. Completely renovated apartments were received by infectious diseases specialist Marina Danilchenko and neuropathologist Anastasia Maslyuk. Four more apartments are to be presented to medical workers.

"The decision to provide young doctors with housing emerged when I visited the city hospital of Shakhtyorsk. Cities need to be filled with young specialists in medicine. For motivation, a decision was made to give apartments as needed. If this programme improves the situation with the medicine staff, then it will be launched in all cities of the Donetsk People's Republic," the Head of State said.

The head of the Shakhtyorsk City Council, Alexey Shvydky, reported that the repair works in the apartments had been completely finished, the housing is ready for moving in. He also said that the programme to provide young out-of-town doctors with housing had already yielded results – the city's hospitals are negotiating the transition to the work of several more specialists.

New settlers thanked Alexander Zakharchenko for caring for young doctors. Both girls after graduating from the Donetsk Medical University came to Shakhtyorsk, where there is a shortage of doctors of narrow specialties. Today they work not only in their field, but also accept patients as therapists.

"This is a very important event for our family - on July I had a daughter born, so our own living space is very necessary. Many thanks for your attention to medicine in general and the staffing issue in the industry," Anastasia Maslyuk thanked Zakharchenko.

"It is you who should be thanked for your work for the benefit of the Republic and patriotism. The profession of a doctor is the most noble and necessary. Providing young specialists with housing is the task of the state, especially the people's republic, which we are, therefore, the work in this direction will continue. This is a small fraction of what we can do for you. As long as we are at war, the process is not running at such a fast pace, but we will definitely win and overcome all the problems," Alexander Zakharchenko said.