Republic’s Head participates in laying out new orchard

On March 17, Alexander Zakharchenko took part in planting apple seedlings in the Telmanovsky district of the DPR.

The new orchard will be set out in 10-hectares’ land area – this is about 35 thousand trees. Saplings of several apple trees’ varieties were brought from the Russian Federation. In a few years the Republic’s inhabitants will be able to purchase apples of their own harvest of such varieties as: Fuji, Galla, Liberty, and Simirenko.

Experts argue that apple trees of superintensive varieties could be cropped this year, but agronomists intend to slow down fruiting artificially in order to get strong trees and quality fruits. Therefore, the first considerable harvest, over 50 tons, can be expected in three to four years.

Orchards are being planted using a new process – "fruit walls", which was also borrowed from the Russian colleagues.

For the record, the Agronomy Faculty students of DonNU [Donetsk National University] were involved in planting the first orchards, they are passing a special re-qualification under the program initiated by the Head of the Republic.

"We can say that a historical moment is taking place today, as new hectares of gardens appear in the Republic. In the spring, it is planned to plant 10 hectares of land with apple seedlings. Plans for the autumn are more ambitious – 90 ha of orchards, and it is not just about apples. There will be apricots, cherries, pears and other fruit trees," said Alexander Zakharchenko while working. "Next year we will take in the first test harvest. These days, apples are imported to the Republic from all over Europe, we have almost none of our own, so prices are rather high. Looking ahead, our own orchards will let us not only provide our population with affordable fruits, but export them as well."

Also, Alexander Zakharchenko shared his plans to build the necessary infrastructure in the area: warehouses for storing fruits and processing capacities. And these mean additional jobs for several nearby villages and future agronomist specialists who are gaining experience in the Donetsk University.