DPR Head: "Gorlovka is a city of special people"

Today, on August 25, Gorlovka held a solemn meeting devoted to the celebration of the 238th anniversary of the town. The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic came to congratulate the Gorlovka people.

"With a special feeling of pride, I congratulate you on the Town Day and Miner's Day. Since 2014, Gorlovka has been withstanding all the adversities, miseries and troubles that fell to its lot with honour and dignity. Special people who know how to fight and work, who care about the words "town" and "country", live here. Therefore, for the heroism shown by the defenders of Gorlovka in the struggle for freedom and independence of the Donetsk People's Republic, the town is given the honorary title "City of Military Glory". Congratulations!" Alexander Zakharchenko said.

Also, the Head of the Republic awarded the acting head of the Gorlovka administration, Ivan Prikhodko, the medal "For Labour Valour" for his high merit.

In addition, the title of Honourable citizens of Gorlovka was granted to a People's Council deputy, Alexander Bikadorov, and to Colonel Olga Kochura, better known by the Korsa call sign. Outstanding residents of the city were awarded P. N. Gorlov 3rd class medals. Three creative teams of the city were awarded the P.N. Gorlov Medal of Honour for services to Gorlovka and high professional skills.


The distinguished Gorlovka residents were also awarded the Honorary Diplomas of the Gorlovka administration. Russian actor, director and poet Sergei Makhovikov spoke for residents of Gorlovka.