DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko participates in opening of first Republican United Registration Centre

On Thursday, November 23, the first in the Republic United Registration Centre opened its doors for residents of Donetsk. Alexander Zakharchenko personally assessed the conditions and quality of services in the centre.

"First of all, we set the task before the relevant ministries and departments - to create the most convenient conditions for quick information retrieval, processing of all necessary documents and other services. Today I see that this task has been accomplished, and I am sure that the centre will please our residents.

Of course, we expect that the creation of this centre will lessen the burden of queues that are now observed in the Technical Inventory Bureau and other instances. There are often many appeals on this issue," Alexander Zakharchenko said.

The Head of the Republic also said that during the project implementation some difficulties had to be faced:

"There were also problematic moments. For example, saving and restoring archives that have been lost. Do not forget that we are at war, and in 2014, unfortunately, not all the documents were saved. But most of all were still saved and restored," he said.

In turn, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the DPR Dmitry Trapeznikov stressed that in the near future there were plans to open several more centres for the provision of administrative services in other cities.

"These centres are fully equipped technically, a wide range of services is provided, people can come and get or draw up all the necessary documents as soon as possible.


The United Registration Centre in Donetsk is only the first step. Next week, a similar URC will be opened in Gorlovka, then in Makeyevka and Yenakiyevo," Dmitry Trapeznikov added.