People's Council deputies report to the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic on spring session results

On Saturday, July 1, the final meeting of the spring session of the DPR People's Council took place. The report of deputies was heard by Alexander Zakharchenko. In his opening remarks, the Head of the Republic noted that the people's representatives should have intensified their work on the formation and improvement of the legislative base of the state.

"I want to congratulate you on the end of another spring session," the Head of State addressed the deputy corps. "In accordance with a tradition, let's sum up the session. The People's Council is the only legislative body of the Republic. Your work is invaluable and priceless. You, as deputies, are obliged to develop all the necessary laws in the shortest time according to which the country will live and work, possibly for many decades. During this session, 39 legislative acts were adopted. I believe that we fall short of target. But I fully understand the difficulties that you face and the volatile situation we all live in. However, the work should be intensified. We lack a lot of laws. It's not your fault, but circumstances. You do meet people, do serious work. We are all at the forefront today, and legislators are important fighters on their own front."

Also Alexander Zakharchenko noted that it was necessary to raise the professional level of deputies. And he promised that the state would promote this to the maximum.

Finally, the Head of State wished the legislators labour and fruitful vacations.

"Everything that has not been completed during this session, it is necessary to finish on the summer vacation," he stressed.

Reforms for people

In turn, the people's representatives asked Alexander Zakharchenko about the course of reforms in the spheres of education and medicine.

"Indeed, we began to reformat the two most important social spheres: medicine and education.

I'll start with education. Everybody understands perfectly well that the situation in our economy requires extremely tough and sometimes cardinal decisions. We are experiencing a huge shortage of working specialties. Therefore, it was decided to strengthen the mid-technical education: vocational schools, technical schools, lyceums. A number of events were held. One of them is the creation of a personnel reserve and state orders for certain specialties. We have an overabundance of lawyers and economists, who, unfortunately, after being educated, are forced to apply for waiters and other professions. Not enough of manpower. For example: the average age in "green areas" is about 68 years," Alexander Zakharchenko said.

The Head of State separately pitched upon the level of school education, because, in his opinion, now it is also not of a high quality either. He said that there would be changes in the levels of management of the educational sphere. In addition, new subjects will be introduced in schools. For now: the modern history of the Homeland, the history of the liberation movement.

Speaking about the reform in medicine, the Head noted that its main thesis was "medicine is for people."

"I do not insist that the medicine should be absolutely free of charge, but it should be patient-oriented. Taking into account the humanitarian programme for the reunification of Donbass and integration into the Russian Federation, changes are about to happen. The main provisions of the reform are clear management of health facilities, without divisions into municipal and republican. And I want to reassure: the reform will not lead to reductions of medical staff and hospital beds.


Also, within the framework of the reform, mechanisms will be developed to attract young specialists to public hospitals. Recently, I have ordered to purchase would apartments in Shakhtyorsk for medical workers who were already working and will come to work. Also, my order introduces an additional payment for the prestige of the profession, which will allow raising salaries for doctors and, accordingly, reduce the outflow of personnel to other spheres," said Alexander Zakharchenko.