Alexander Zakharchenko takes part in opening of autumn session of the DPR People's Council

Today, on August 4, the grand opening of the autumn session of the People's Council took place in the great hall of the Parliament of the DPR in which the Head of the Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, took part.

Opening the meeting, the Head of State noted that 2017 for the Republic was characterized by important political steps that require a clear coordination of actions of all branches of power.

In addition, Alexander Zakharchenko stressed the need to develop and adopt a number of important draft laws for the legislative base of the Republic.

"This session will be a serious test for us: several important bills have been drafted in the sphere of economy, customs, the judiciary, and a number of codes. All of them require prompt authorization and adoption," Alexander Zakharchenko said.

The Head of the DPR tasked parliamentarians to finalize the approved bills as quickly as possible:

"My request to you is to consider the draft laws as soon as possible, taking into account all the changes and amendments."

Alexander Zakharchenko wished the deputies fruitful work, and also presented a special state award – the watch of the Head of the DPR to the acting head of the DPR People's Council Alexander Zakharov for his personal contribution to the development of the Republic.


It should be noted that, according to the agenda of the first meeting of the autumn session, bills "On Wildlife" and "On Amending Article 5 of the Law of the Donetsk People's Republic "On Court Fees" were submitted for consideration of the Parliament. In total, 71 draft laws were submitted for consideration during the autumn session of the People's Council.