Alexander Zakharchenko sets tasks before country’s cities and districts’ heads

Today, on December 22, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic held a working meeting with the heads of cities and districts. The meeting was devoted to the main results of field work in 2017. Alexander Zakharchenko also set tasks and determined the main directions of the municipal authorities’ work in the coming year.

"The past year was not an easy one. To sum up, it should be noted that much has been accomplished. First of all, the main issues related to the improvement of cities have been solved. I believe that this work was carried out very good. A great many visitors coming to the DPR note the beauty of our cities, improvement of public services, the work of green buildings.

However, there are moments that require more detailed work. Firstly, it is the organization of the work of public services. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of our utilities.

Pay attention to the readiness of all bomb shelters. The war is ongoing, and we must be ready for anything. People should know where they can hide in case of an aggravation of the situation. The premises should be checked and be in full readiness.

Secondly, it is work on citizens' appeals. There are a lot of them. It should be noted that the situation has changed for the better in this field. In the coming 2018, we must implement the practice of 100% responses: neither appeal should be refused to solve. From simple statistics of appeals, we must pass to the statistics of the fulfilment of citizens' requests. I understand that not all problems can be solved quickly, but we must talk with people, explain the opportunities and prospects for resolving the issues raised by residents. It is also necessary to eradicate rudeness among people who receive appeals. Residents should feel that the people and power are unified, we are together.

Another important area is the fight against corruption. The struggle against this negative phenomenon is part of the city administrations’ work. This ulcer should be burned with hot iron. If it is required, the actions should be not just tough, but cruel: should one person be punished – ten will think over this. If we do not stop this hydra, it will overwhelm us, if we do not fight it, it will break us. The economy can not function and develop if it is being corroded by the rust of corruption.

A no less important vector of work is science and culture. It may seem to many that it is a wrong time to spread ourselves to such spheres, but science and culture are our future. No state can fully develop without them. Yes, there is a war, our cities are destroyed, people are dying every day, there are many problems with public utilities. But today we must lay the foundation for the future, so that in years we had a strong developed science, for us not only to preserve the cultural heritage, but to multiple it as well. This is a long process, the formation of culture and science by the magic wand is impossible.

The tasks set mean tedious and hard work, but I am sure that your professionalism, faith in the Donetsk People's Republic, loyalty to your native land will allow us to solve all these issues together," Alexander Zakharchenko said.

The Head of State congratulated all heads of cities and regions on the upcoming holidays, wished good, health and the most desired – the Great Victory!