DPR Head launches Social Support Programme for wounded servicemen, families of deceased servicemen

On Friday, March 2, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic announced the launch of the Social Support Programme for servicemen wounded and families of dead servicemen. The programme includes a number of benefits for these categories in health and education, as well as a whole range of social support measures.

"Starting today, work on the creation of a programme of social support for the military personnel and families of fallen servicemen begins in the Donetsk People's Republic. I signed an Order to start the development of this programme. The programme will concern the health, education and social protection systems of the above categories. A month is allocated for the development of mechanisms for implementing this programme. To this end, I commissioned the creation of a special interdepartmental commission. In addition, I, as the Chairman of the Public Movement "Donetsk Republic", instruct the central executive committee of the movement to create a special fund for the implementation of the Social Support Programme for the military personnel and families of deceased servicemen. To organize the work of the fund, members of families of deceased servicemen will be involved. The leadership of the Republic remembers the heroes who gave their lives and health for the freedom and independence of our state. The social protection programme will work on an ongoing basis. The Donetsk People's Republic does not abandon its own people. Defenders of our land must understand that neither they nor their families will be abandoned. And to ensure this is the most important task of the state," Alexander Zakharchenko said. 

The DPR Head stressed that the work on the social protection of the military invalided out of the army and families of the deceased fighters is under way, but is insufficient. Now all the activities of this direction will be combined into one programme, which will increase the efficiency of the work.