Alexander Zakharchenko: "Donetsk to be a city devoid of segregation"

On April 11, the Head of the Republic visited the Petrovsky district of the city of Donetsk. Together with local authorities’ representatives, Alexander Zakharchenko planted roses’ seedlings in the district’s central park and visited a military museum in the school №101.

On this day the Petrovsky Park was replenished with 1,500 rose bushes. Flowers were planted on several central avenues. The park itself is completely ready for the spring-summer season. Not so long ago, it was effected by the AFU shellings, but now there is not a whisper of destructions.

The Head of State personally planted several dozen flower seedlings. He involved journalists in the improvement process. The interview with Alexander Zakharchenko took place on the run.

- Alexander Vladimirovich, can you be called an experienced plantsman? Where did you gain such skills?

- I am not exactly experienced in this field, but I grew up in the village, used to help my parents. How could we do without an orchard?

- And why was particularly Petrovka [the Petrovsky district] into such a luck of being decorated with one and a half thousand roses at a time?

- We are getting out of the old practice, when only the city-centre would have it all. Donetsk will become a city devoid of segregation.

- The war brought many damages, and the capital’s flora suffered as well. Can Donetsk be called the city of million roses these days?

- According to the latest data, we have crossed one million mark already. The current goal is two million.

- And what do you think about the fact that Donetsk roses are already growing in many cities of Russia, for example, in Stavropol?

- Donetsk roses are a brand. We can grow them like Holland grows its tulips. Why not to share something good with neighbours? For the record, it is high time for us to breed our own variety of roses under the brand of the Donetsk People's Republic. On a related note, we share not natural roses only, but also those forged from shells.

The roses having being planted, Alexander Zakharchenko was invited to the museum of the school №101. This exhibition was created by several enthusiasts of the Internationalist Warriors Society regional branch. However, the executed work is anything but a makeshift, and the exhibition itself is by no means amateur. The museum consists of several halls devoted to the history of the district, the Great Patriotic War, the Afghan and modern wars. Everything was done with love to people, brothers in arms, and the native land.

"I am amazed at what I saw. I have never been to this museum, but now I advise everyone to visit it. I am happy to live in the same land with such people. The patriotism of the people, who have organized the museum with their own hands, is amazing. This is a very big cause, they do not just live for it, but also pass their faith through generations. I will definitely make some presents to this museum," the Head of State shared his impressions.


Alexander Zakharchenko especially noted one of the exhibition areas. "Today is the International day of fascist concentration camps prisoners’ liberation. In this museum there is a separate exhibition area devoted to concentration camps. Once the Nazis built concentration camps in our territory, now the same are being built in the Kharkov region. Ukraine shows this process on TV, even making no secret of it. Therefore, this topic is relevant for the Donetsk People's Republic. This is a crime committed against humanity. One can neither forget nor forgive such things. Our ancestors succeeded in punishing the perpetrators, and we will manage do this as well," said Alexander Zakharchenko.