Q&A session of the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic with the Donetsk region’s residents in the temporarily Ukraine-controlled territory

On March 22, a live question and answer session of the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic was held with residents of the Donetsk region, living in the territory temporarily controlled by Ukraine.

On air, broadcasted by all the republican TV channels, Alexander Zakharchenko answered questions concerning implementation of the Humanitarian Program for the reunification of the Donbass people. Questions were received in the studio in video, audio, and text format.

 - Dear Mr. Zakharchenko! Regarding the recent events in the DPR, I have a question: what will happen to us, the occupied territories’ inhabitants who voted for independence? How long are we to wait for liberation? How long are you going to tolerate the massacre of your citizens? How long should we stand this Nazi regime? You have started issuing passports already, defined the border, and we appeared to be longer needed, didn’t we? The radicals may organize a coup any day. Do you really think that they will be loyal to us?

Zakharchenko A.V.: I will answer these questions in the right order. We have not established the border, but defined the front-line as the one, and it is not the national frontier. This is a conventional border, designed to ensure our being capable of legally arresting those elements infiltrating into our territory from the Ukraine side – saboteurs, spies, smugglers, drug dealers. As the demarcation line has no legal definition, we have no right to either detain them, or even interrogate. Therefore, the decision was made to designate the demarcation line as a state border. But have not do drawn the demarcation line. The demarcation line, the front line is not static. If the front line is moved to the West, then the state border will be moved as well. We have not separated ourselves from our fellow countrymen. There is no border between us. Neither physical nor conditional one. There is no difference between us. We are Donbass, and we will always stay connected. And as for the coup... All of us experienced the coup of 2014. It was an armed revolution as well, illegal overthrow of the government. As a result, unfortunately, the war came to our land. When will the war be over?.. It is the question that cannot be answered. I believe that any war ends. Our war will result in our victory, and we will see this in the near future.

- Aren’t we losing hope?

- We are not. Our cause is just, we will win, the enemy will be defeated.

- Alexander Vladimirovich. There is a kind request to take into account the experience of the Soviet Union in creation of the Republic’s fundamental law. We trust you.

Zakharchenko A.V.: Alexander, our ideology’s abbreviation is SSSR [Russian variant of the USSR], meaning freedom, conscience, and justice. We are living up to these principles, our Republic is being built on these principles. And we will try to adopt all the best the Soviet Union had, proceeding from the realities our life dictates these days. Life is changing and not all the dogmas it embraced previously are relevant today and, keeping this in mind, we will pick up the best. And not only from the Soviet Union – we will take the best from the entire world and build the basic law on this basis... Our life is to be based up to this principle: all the best – freedom, conscience, justice, and equality.

-The estimable Alexander Vladimirovich, when will Russia recognize us, in your opinion, and how will the committee for the DPR integration into Russia be contributing to it?

Zakharchenko A.V.: The committee, established in the Crimea, is a public initiative created by our The Donetsk Republic public movement together with the social movements of the Crimea, and designed for us so to live together as a single whole and cooperate with Russia. The multi-level integration is being prepared, all aspects of our life are taken into account. As for recognition and inclusion... I understand that many of our residents are concerned with these issues. I will answer this question by one phrase –everything is good in its season. You cannot run before you can walk. But we do not forget that this is our homeland, and the homeland cannot be embarrassed, so as not to pay with human lives then.

- Good afternoon, highly regarded Head of the Donetsk People's Republic. On the Internet, I have found the assistance program for residents of the former Donetsk region. I'm a resident of Volnovakha, I cannot give my name, because I'm afraid. I know that there are points for rendering assistance to people facing a challenging life situation. My situation is very difficult: I raise a granddaughter alone, my daughter was taken away by the SBU in 2014, I do not know where she is. My granddaughter is sick with asthma; she needs special treatment. Could you provide any financial assistance for treatment? If yes, then anonymously, because I'm afraid for my granddaughter – she can be deprived of both mother, and grandmother.

Zakharchenko A.V.: It is quite an extraordinary question, as it is difficult to provide help anonymously. As for asthma, it shouldn’t be anonymous, you are free to come to us, and we will help. Your granddaughter should contact medical institutions on our territory. This humanitarian program envisaged the provision of medical care. All the help your granddaughter needs will be provided for free. At that, our Donetsk People's Republic is itself in a tough financial situation, and even not all of our residents can use these services. But, I would like to repeat that we are a family. And I perfectly understand that our brothers and sisters have been kidnapped, arrested on the other side since 2014, and their fate is unknown. Unfortunately, many are at the end of the road already. But we are Russians, and we must always help each other.  Your granddaughter will be rendered all the necessary assistance. Come, you will be counselled at a mobile office and sent to medical institutions for getting further assistance.

But, let's speak plainly, we cannot help anonymously.

 -Hello, please tell me, when is the DPR to hold the joint referendum with the LPR on joining the Russian Federation as subordinate entities? Shouldn’t the process of putting the issue on hold be over finally? Perhaps you should go to Moscow, to V.V. Putin and discuss this issue with him?

Zakharchenko A.V.: It seems to be easy: we may go to Moscow to Putin, discuss this issue, hold a referendum, and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, global politics is much more complicated. And the country we call our Motherland, our mother, is also not in the best financial position. Another aspect: the referendum must be held throughout the territory in which we conducted the referendum in 2014. Therefore, our main task is to return the borders, the territories that are now illegally occupied and seized by the Kiev junta. In addition, there is time for everything. I promise, if such a decision ripens, the referendum will be announced. Russia will tell us when we should return home, as it was with the Republic of Crimea.

- I'm from Slavyansk. My son joined to the Donbass defenders in our home town. At the moment my children and me are being repressed. We are tired of this. I really want to see my son at home. But this is impossible, unfortunately. He is under the SBU criminal investigation and faces a prison sentence from 10 to 15 years. This is if the best happens. For separatism! Tell me how long this lawlessness is to be tolerated?

Zakharchenko A.V.: I would like to say thank you not only to this woman for her son, but to everyone who is now in that territory controlled by Ukrainian military, whose children went to war in 2014-2015. I low bow to mothers, fathers, grandfathers... For those fighters who went to war at the call of the heart. They are suffering very much now in the enemy-occupied surrounding. I repeat: I cannot state the exact date, but I am sure that your child will return home. This hero, who liberated his land, who has not broken down, turned out to be a real man. I will say the following. Let him be even under ten criminal proceedings, but neither Poroshenko nor others will tell us what to do. Even if for them he is a criminal, for us he is a hero who will be greeted with flowers. These are our heroes, and we do not care about other people's opinion. I would like to once again thank you for your son.

- The Slavyansk ambulance station’s management makes us draw up emergency call cards under the threat of dismissal or application to the SBU. Bonuses for saving the payroll were accrued only to those close and faithful, although this saving was achieved with the help of operating ambulance teams. Lick-spittling and tale-bearing is encouraged. My question is as follows. Will such management be replaced in terms of reunification, will the mood and wishes of staff be taken into account when appointing a chief?

 Zakharchenko A.V.: I perfectly understand what is going on in the occupied territory, in which conditions Donbass inhabitants live... In any case, neither lick-spittling nor tale-bearing is welcomed, financial management for the benefit of some individuals and to other persons’ detriment is welcomed neither. We will not preserve such management. But, frankly speaking, we are suffering from a terrible staffing hunger. And sometimes we have to put up with the old staff members working for us, till our students finish high schools and fully blend into our life. But I would like to address all the leadership of Konstantinovka, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk (I call cities the way we are used to call our native cities, I do not even know how or why they were renamed), the leadership of Mariupol, Mangush, Dimitrov and dozens of other localities. Sooner or later our Motherland will be liberated. Sooner or later we will return to our homes, to our land. And everything you are doing now – making our children learn some incomprehensible history, forget the great Motherland, and hate Russia. And if you are doing this deliberately, I advise you to pack things in the near future, and if it's God's will, we will not have enough time to stop you. This concerns everyone– mayors of cities, chiefs of emergency services, district departments, courts, and firemen, foresters, letting the forest be cut down near Slavyansk. These are people who have somehow betrayed their Motherland, switched sides. Each of them will be held to account. So calm down, we will take into account the people’s opinions, figure out everyone’s activity during the occupation. May everyone get his just deserts.

- Thanks for support, Druzhkovka is with you! I have not a question, but a suggestion. In addition to financial assistance to veterans, could you invite veterans to your parade on Victory Day. They really lack this respect these days.

Zakharchenko A.V.: I’m addressing Druzhkovka and all the cities. This is not only our parade. It is yours as well and the 9th of May is a holiday of all the people who can remember their past and this is only a small amount of the gratitude that we must give to those people. I am gladly inviting all the veterans of the Great Patriotic War to celebrate this holy holiday. Everyone understands very well that we cannot take them out of their homes where they live but I will charge the Minister of Transport with the order to provide these people with buses at the checkpoints on that day which will take them to the parade and back. We are waiting for you. This holiday is common. In 1945 we won and I’m sure that we will win in 2017.

- Where should I go to study to serve in the Republican intelligence agencies next? I’m easily educable, sporty, have a huge interest, strong spirit, have a good mind and prompt reaction. I try to keep the environment under control, never panic. And, above all, I have a desire to study, aspiration to help people and I’m a patriot of my land!

Zakharchenko A.V.: We need such active young men, that is why, there were opened several educational establishments in the Donetsk People’s Republic: the Ministry of Internal Affairs established an academy based on the institute. There was also opened the State Security Ministry’s academy and a military college. A young man can come and have a look, enter, graduate and start working in the field that he will choose. Everything is real. We are waiting for you!

- Although, Donetsk was neither adjoined to Russia nor recognized, we were put at Ukraine’s mercy. I guess you know how many people suspected of separatism were arrested in Slavyansk in 2014. We were just betrayed, there is no other word. Our children already believe in the hero Bandera and Russia-aggressor. We are losing this generation.  

And one more thing, a lot of our residents have been going to Donetsk to be examined and treated for a long time even without your action. There is just no other place to go. They are provided with documents with the DPR stamp and our doctors do not recognize these documents here, and, sometimes, even tear them apart. They are afraid of the Security Service of Ukraine. Is it possible to give a pass to people from the Ukrainian territory and issue medical certificates on Ukrainian forms and with Ukrainian stamps? Thank you for your answer in advance.

Zakharchenko A.V.: Even with all the will to help you, we cannot do this. Firstly, we do not have Ukrainian forms. Secondly, Ukrainian stamps are not available everywhere. Thirdly, understand please, we have another state and even we want to help our countrymen, we do not issue any certificates written in the Ukrainian language on principle. 

Although, we do not prohibit the Ukrainian language – a lot of people speak it fluently, communicate… but we are an independent state with our own rules, one of which is to issue medical documents written in a state language, the Russian one, and with the Republican stamps. That is why my piece of advice is not to show these documents to any doctors or only to those doctors who do not tear them apart and are not afraid of the Security Service of Ukraine. And those doctors who are afraid and tear documents or even purposefully hand people over to the Security Service of Ukraine I recommend to recollect the words I pronounced a few minutes ago. They will be taken to account for this as well.

And as for the fact that the generation is being lost…

Well, this problem is serious. The ideological machine was launched in Ukraine to reformat the consciousness of our young generation. But I guess that we have not completely lost this generation.

We still have enough time not to lose this generation. Our children are those of free people, the children of Donbass, and the main task of their fathers and mothers is to tell them on their own at home about who Bandera was, what kind of a ‘hero’ he was, how many people of the Soviet Union he killed... Tell them the real history.

Parents were learning at normal schools and they know the true history. Let them explain it to their children at home. But as for me, I am sure that we will not lose this generation.

- Dear Alexander Vladimirovich! When can we move without any problem? It's very hard for elderly people to stand in queues at checkpoints, then, they have to go on overcrowded buses to get to Donetsk and meet with their sisters and relatives. Thank you for your answer! I am Maria Pavlovna and I am 81 years old.

Zakharchenko A.V.: Everything revolves around one topic – when the war is to be over. It was not we to have drawn the demarcation line, not we to have declared the economic, food, financial blockades of Donbass, not we to have stopped paying out pensions. Also, we did not bomb Kiev from aircraft, shot the city of Slavyansk, massacre district departments in Mariupol, Krasnoarmeysk, Velikonovosyolovka. We didn’t do it. Our actions are the reaction to all the things that Kiev makes.

I am sure that we will win. And all the difficulties we are experiencing now will end in the near future. We need to wait.

- Why don’t you block raw materials’ supply to Mariupol? The unfortunate city will be taken for a cash cow and will not be left unscathed till its plants work and make profit to Ukraine. It can be discoursed for three more years that our people live in Mariupol and will lose they working places. It will not happen, they will be patient, especially as they will be paid 2/3 of their wages even if the factories are closed down. Mariupol should not be profitable for Ukraine, on the contrary it should become a millstone around its neck, and only in this case it will become an unnecessary burden for Ukraine. Or just tell honestly that Mariupol will remain outside the republic. Truth be told, no one will give Mariupol away till it is making profit!

Zakharchenko A.V.: Mariupol will never be left outside our Republic. It is one of the largest cities in the Donetsk People's Republic, it is a port. I perfectly understand that the loss of Mariupol will mean for Ukraine the loss of nearly 20% of GDP. No cargo train car has left for the Ukrainian territory from the DPR since March 1. All the raw materials Mariupol receives now are Ukraine’s internal reserves. We were not the first to have declared a blockade, but our enemies. But then we announced our blockade. We do not send to Ukraine anything necessary for the metallurgical plant’s work. Therefore, Olga, do not worry, we need Mariupol. This is the Motherland for many of us – many Republic’s defenders have come from Mariupol, and all of them all want to go home. You cannot even imagine their desire to return to the family, to see relatives, just to enter their homes. This is the simple human happiness that they want to experience. Therefore, Mariupol is a city of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Mariupol could become a hell for the invaders, but your help will be required. Remember what our countrymen did when the Germans came here. They were burning to be off!

- Alexander Vladimirovich, tell me, please, how do you find the republic’s development prospects and do you consider its further development to be possible? I have heard that people living there are not completely satisfied with their life, there is no work, the situation is tough, no further prospects. Those who have already retired may be okay with this, but young people generally do not know what to strive for. Yes, reunification with the Russian Federation would have a very strong impact on your life, the life of the region, but in general everyone understands that this is impossible and the Russian government does not want to do this, and what's next? Will you keep existing in the same format? Even money cannot be transferred to you, well, not to you specifically, but to those living in Donetsk, there is no banking system, no bank accounts. Sorry if the question seems to be rude.

Zakharchenko A.V.: I would like to recall a quote from one famous film. I will rephrase it. If you want to stay healthy, do not read the Ukrainian press in the morning. Our universities are overcrowded. Students come to us from Lvov, and from Ivano-Frankovsk, and from Kiev. Our diplomas and documents are recognized in the Russian Federation. Yes, many enterprises are closed these days. These enterprises were mostly closed in 2014, when the owners fled. We were lucky, as all the scums who lived in our land, went to the territory of Ukraine, and our land was cleared. Therefore, you should deal with all these scums yourselves as we did.

- When will we start dislodging the junta from the occupied territories? People couldn't wait to their being kicked away from localities.

Zakharchenko A.V.: Everything will be done at the proper time. Our country has been through the terrible war that lasted four years. Every day this war was claiming tens, hundreds of thousands of lives. And we will have been struggling for three years. This war is also very tough, and enemy is different. It is perfectly armed and well provisioned due to its allies in the United States. In fact, we are at war with the entire world. Mercenaries from Poland, Canada, Georgia, the Americans are deployed on the contact line... But Konstantinovka will become a city of the Donetsk People's Republic. It is beyond all doubt. I can name a dozen commanders of battalions and companies, hailing from Konstantinovka. I know them personally, we are friends. These are armed, well-trained people, who have come off all the war hardships. They want to go home. And they will come home. Everyone wants to go: to Konstantinovka, Slavyansk, Artyomovsk. This is our land, our homeland. Our relatives live there; our homes are there. So do not worry, all the time. We are looking forward to this time, it is all over for Ukraine.

- Hello, I’m aware of your following the Minsk Agreements, but I believe it is time to violate it like they do. I support you and 80% of population support the DPR. We are looking forward to your coming to us.

Zakharchenko A.V.: That is exactly what Poroshenko is waiting for: for us to violate the Minsk Agreements. Then they will get the reason to accuse us of the Minsk Agreements’ disruption. We cannot let it happen. Anyway, ‘Minsk’ is a political way out. The only way to end the war with the minimum blood is to follow the Minsk Agreements. If you read the Minsk Agreements thoroughly, you understand that Ukraine is in a political trap now. And it is a grand victory of our diplomacy. That is why it is impossible to give this victory to the enemy. Any violation of the Minsk Agreements on our part will be condemned by the whole world. Presently, despite all the reluctance on its part, the world society understands that, firstly, Ukraine violates ‘Minsk’. And it makes them change the attitude towards Ukraine. Recently, the International Monetary Fund refused to give them another tranche, the world’s leaders rhetoric has changed greatly. Ukraine is now on the first stage of the political isolation. All this is due to the Minsk Agreements. If we want to end our grand war with minimum bloodshed, we are to follow the Minsk Agreements strictly. But if we see that ‘Minsk’ is outdated and doesn’t help to solve the problem as we need it to be solved, believe me, nobody will take ‘Minsk’ into consideration, and we will have the moral right to reject it. Ukraine violated ‘Minsk’ thousands of times and never fulfilled the prescription it had signed itself. So we can claim without any pangs of remorse that if you don’t follow the ‘Minsk’, we won’t follow it either.

- The estimable Alexander Vladimirovich, we consider ourselves to be the Donbass citizens and we don’t want to see fascists, supported by our government, in our streets. The referendum was held in all the districts of the Donetsk region and we have to handle it somehow. And who is to blame for Taruta’s having bought Mariupol?

Zakharchenko A.V.: It is the fault of Pyotr Alexeyevich Poroshenko. Only president can sell the whole city. Taruta was in Donetsk once, but we made him go away. Maybe he will visit Vinnitsa, buy Uzhgorod or appear in Ivano-Frankovsk… I don’t know what else he will buy, but Mariupol is a city of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The Right Sector’s members walking around our territory is a temporary phenomenon, just as winter that lasts only three months. Spring follows every winter, then summer comes. Spring has begun in Mariupol and Mangush. The winter is almost over.

- All of us, citizens of the former Donetsk region’s territory, which is under Ukraine’s temporary control, are looking forward to ‘Russian spring’ coming to our cities and villages. Alexander Vladimirovich, when and how will the Donetsk region be liberated from Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrofascists and the Ukrainian government we hate?

Zakharchenko A.V.: There are two ways to settle that problem: the conflict’s solution by force, with the participation of all the army corps’ units. But even if the decision on forced liberation of our territory is made, we will do our best to prevent heavy shellings of cities in the temporarily occupied territory. We will do our best not to damage infrastructure and save citizens. The second solution, which is closely connected to‘Minsk’, is the political one. We still hope to liberate our territory in the political way. Let’s dream of Ukraine’s giving us back our territories, a meeting somewhere on the border of the Kharkov region and signing the decree on establishing the demarcation line as the state border. Theoretically, it is possible. I don’t know when it happens, but I hope it will take no casualties. However, I would like to underline that we are capable of liberating our territory by force if needed.

- Does it mean that the military solution is possible?

- You see, right now Ukraine is in such a situation when war is the only way out. Poroshenko can affect the situation in Kiev and in the whole world only by launching hostilities. I expect the following development of events – the world leaders will be quite concerned: another war has broken out, what shall we do? The answer is to sit down to the negotiations table. And this solution will be found before we start a contra attack and gradually liberate our territory. Than Pyotr Alexeyevich will have a chance to change the situation, he will be again involved it the negotiations process and Europe, whose negligence caused all this, will be responsible for the fate of Ukraine and Pyotr Alexeyevich. Considering all this, I believe Ukraine has no such plans. It is highly possible that such actions will be fulfilled. That is why we are ready for the Ukrainian Army’s attack. However, as I have said, we hope to settle the conflict politically and make all that is possible to get it work.

- Good evening, Alexander Vladimirovich. I'm a resident of Avdeyevka. I’ve heard about your assistance program. Could you tell me if it supposes employment at the enterprises? I'm an engineer by profession with experience. I lost my job and understand that nobody needs me in Ukraine. Tell me, do you need such qualified employees?

Zakharchenko A.V.: I personally invite you to visit me. I want to know what profession you had before, where you've been working. We need a highly qualified workforce. And if you have worked as an engineer, then you will have enough work here in any case. So, I wait for you on a visit. It is easy to find me in the Donetsk People's Republic. Just say that you asked the question in a Q&A session, you will be immediately shown the way to me, and we will talk in person. I will be waiting for you.

- Is it possible to get a passport of the Donetsk People's Republic with a Mariupol residence permit? Julia, Mariupol.

Zakharchenko A.V.: You know, what happened with the recognition of our documents was, of course, an unplanned phenomenon for us. The joy was great, but technically we were not ready for it. Therefore, the primary task of all units in the ministry dealing with this issue is to issue passports primarily to residents of the Donetsk People's Republic. It may be unpleasant news for someone from the occupied territory, but I think that for the people of the Donetsk People's Republic it will be the first joy they deserve. The second stage, I guarantee, will be issuing passports to Mariupol, Konstantinovka, Kramatorsk and so on and so on. But Julia, there may come a time that you will not be a resident of the occupied territory, and will be obtaining the passport of the Donetsk People's Republic on a general basis as a resident of the Donetsk People's Republic. This option is not excluded, believe me. I won't even tell the date, but you can be pleasantly surprised then.

- 60 days?

- This is not a nail in Ukraine’s coffin. In fact, even less time is left, because if the IMF does not give a tranche now, Ukraine declares a default. This is the end, this is the financial death of the state.

- And there will be another pleasant surprise.

- Good whatever time of day applies, dear fighters against fascism for the independence of our Motherland. I am proud and sympathize with you for your well-pronounced position. For me, Ukraine existed until 1991 – with a red and blue flag and the coat of arms of the Ukrainian SSR. All the rest of the time, surreptitiously, Bandera's bastards have been changing the world outlook of the youth. Its a pity that we neglected our children and grandchildren, now we're paying for it. I do not recognize the attributes of this power, nor the power itself. I want my homeland to be without bandits at least along the Dnieper, or better – until the Zbruch. Do you believe that it happens in the near future?

Zakharchenko A.V.: You know, the question is probably related to life itself. Let's remember the story. Take the Battle of Poltava, for example. On the Poltava battlefield, the Ukrainians, Russians, Byelorussians – all the nationalities of the great Russian Empire fought at that moment. Yes, behind the Swedes there were also several thousand Ukrainians traitors. Let's go on. The Crimea. The Crimean War – all the nationalities of the Russian Empire were together. We will begin closer to us. Significantly – the Brest Fortress. The defenders of the Brest Fortress are all nationalities of the Soviet Union. The defense of Moscow is all the nationalities of the Soviet Union. Stalingrad – all the nationalities of the Soviet Union. And now rewind. Taking of Warsaw – all the nationalities. In the direction of the Oder – all the nationalities. Prague – all the nationalities. Berlin – everyone signed the walls of the Reichstag, not only residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, back then Leningrad. Kiev, Sumy, Kharkov, Donetsk - back then Stalino signed the walls. And I am sure that there are dozens of signatures from Poltava. We have a common past. I am sure that we have a common future. We are not at war with the Ukrainian people. We are at war with a bunch of frenzied people, I quote a man who asked a question, bastards, who armedly seized power, who strangled the brains of youth, and now they are trying to keep the power on the shoulders of this very youth. But I believe that both you and the inhabitants of Kharkov, Sumy, and Kiev will be able to explain to your children who is really an ally and who is the enemy. With whom Ukraine fought for all its life, against whom it fought. And when the moment comes, when not only the Dnieper, the Dniester and the Zbruch – when everywhere will be the power you deserve, the Ukrainian people will wake up. Donbass, you see, it managed was to rise? It did. No one thought it'd be able to. How do they call us? 'Scums,' 'bandits'? So, these 'vatniks' (Russian patriots) and 'colorades' took up arms' and showed the enlightened 'conscious great Ukrainians, where in fact their place is, and how really they are called. Therefore, one should not forget their pride, one must not forget who their really are, they must not forget the past. And now try to convey this knowledge of all these things to a neighbor, son, grandson, great grandson. And then, believe me, the country will change. And to date, if you do not do this, your Ukrainian black soil will be sold in Europe in briquettes instead of peat, because it is "better and cheaper". These words about your land should have made you angry. By the way, a member of the European Parliament told how she went into the store and bought herself Ukrainian black soil instead of peat. If you are already selling land, then this is a terrible thing. This is a state which not only sells its wealth, but also the most expensive – sells its land. Where does it go? Therefore, things will come right, if each of us will do what they should do, and do not forget who they really are and where their roots come from.

- What have you done over the past couple of months or a year, so that the Nazis, who earn money from the citizens of Ukraine, cease to exist? 

Zakharchenko A.V.: If you ask me as a person, what personally I did, or ask me as the Head of State ... As the Head, I will answer right away. Firstly, all this time we live in the Donetsk People's Republic, we will soon celebrate the third anniversary. We live in a free, independent country, where fascists don't walk around as they do in Kiev. Over the past two months, more than 30 attacks of Ukrainian fascists have been repelled from our positions. The Ukrainian army suffered heavy losses. Two longwalls were opened, the brewery was put back into operation, next week we will plant 10 hectares of gardens, at the end of the month we will harvest the hothouses. During this year, two festivals were held, the Integration Committee was established in the Russian Federation in the Crimea. And now a question to you. And what have you done for Kiev, so that the fascists did not go walk around the streets of your city? Not for the last 2 months, but since 2014? What residents of Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye did to prevent the Nazis from walking on their land? What did you personally do? You ask us what we did to prevent the Nazis from walking along your streets? I answer - we kill them at the front. And what did you do? I would like the person who asked this question to answer it himself.

- Alexander Vladimirovich, do you have at least approximate data, how much did Kiev owe on pensions and social payments to the population of unrecognized Republics?

 Zakharchenko A.V: There are even exact data, but our data will differ from Kiev's. Since we do not prohibit receiving a pension in Ukraine and at the same time we continue to pay the pension that comes from the state of the DPR to our pensioners, therefore, more than 30 billion hryvnia is the debts of the Ukrainian authorities to our pensioners. Their data will be different, because our pensioners really go there and get their pension. Their data will be smaller. But still it will be, according to my calculations, more than 20 billion. About 30% of pensioners receive a pension both here and there. I suspect that Ukraine's pension fund has not just stolen one billion from us on pensions, it's all on Ukraine's conscience. But even if we demand to pay everything, and Ukraine agrees - for it it will be an unbearable burden. Ukraine does not have the money to pay its debts. They are not up to pensions.

- When will the specialized help centres start working? Can we help with their repair and equipment?

 Zakharchenko A.V.: An unexpected question. I was surprised. Four centres at the checkpoints on the demarcation line are already open, but if there is a desire to help in repairs and equipment – welcome. Cross the border, contact these centers and if you can do something... Any help is needed, and we are in a double pleasure that not only we - the inhabitants of the DPR - are doing this, but also the fact that the inhabitants of the occupied territories come here and together with us create these centres. In fact, there is not much need for equipment. A computer will be enough, but your presence, support is worth a lot. This is an indication that the Donbass is one. Together we are one family. Come, I invite and, if there is such an opportunity, I will personally shake your hand.

- Dear Alexander Vladimirovich, we are waiting for you and believe in the strength of our army! Tell me, please, how should we behave while we are under Ukrainian occupation, when they oppress our rights to use our native language? Thank you very much for everything that you do! Victory will be ours - as in the 45th!!!!


 Zakharchenko A.V.: Absolutely agree with you, and my advice to you: dear fellow countrymen, do not forget that you are residents of Donbass. Do not forget that you are the territory that used to be called the Wild Field. That you are those people who believe a word more than a written contract. That you are free and proud. That you are not 'vatniks' and not 'colorads', not ignorant, but educated, worthy people. Behind you there is the help of Russia-Mother, the thousand-year history of our people and our usual Donbass pride. If you remember all this, even just when passing along the street and looking into your eyes, any Ukrainian serviceman will look away. Honor and truth will shine in your eyes, and greed and looting in their half-drunken eyes. Because on the land of educated and great people came people who did not see people like you. We are strong not only with weapons, like our invincible army, we are strong in spirit, which we have from time immemorial, absorbed with mother's milk. You were born in Donbass, you live on this land, breathe this air... Remember this – and you will understand how to behave.