Alexander Zakharchenko: "All the Republic's integration steps are aimed at reunification with Russia"

Today, on May 12, in Donetsk, a meeting of the Integration Committee "Russia - Donbass" was held. One of the main speakers of the discussion platform was the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

We remind that this is the second meeting of the Committee - the first meeting was held in March, in the Crimean Livadia Palace.

The Donetsk committee involved its coordinator, State Duma deputy Andrey Kozenko, Federation Council member Sergey Tsekov, deputy chairman of the LPR Council of Ministers Alexander Drobot, politicians and public figures of the Russian Federation, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Italy, France and other countries.

Opening the meeting, Andrey Kozenko noted that he considers this meeting historic, since for the first time issues of integration of Donbass are discussed at such a high level in the city of Donetsk.

Alexander Zakharchenko congratulated the LPR residents on the Republic Day and noted that the Republics of Donbass go together on the way to the common goal of reunification with Russia.

"In 2014, we stood shoulder to shoulder against the fascist junta, which illegally seized power in Kiev. Together we suffered all the hardships and deprivations, together we are building a new economy, reviving the Motherland. I am sure that we will always be there, because Donbass is an indivisible region, it is our common Motherland, for which we are ready to fight together. We are together, we are one. From myself and from all the people of the Donetsk People's Republic I congratulate the leadership and residents of the Lugansk People's Republic on the holiday," Alexander Zakharchenko began his speech with congratulation.

The Head of the Republic noted that Donbass has been integrating into the Russian Federation for three years already. These processes began from the first day of the Republics' existence.

"This experience was given to us by the Crimea. Unfortunately, the events unfolded here unlike in the Crimea, but in three years we have achieved a lot. We must admit that without Russia's help we wouldn't be able to stand and win. Russia is our homeland, and all that we do, we do in order to make a better and high-quality way to the cherished goal - to become one people. Unfortunately, history divides us, but it's people who change history. And all together, with you, we will be changing our history today. In Crimea, there was the first meeting, today is the second one already, where I hope will be fruitful work done, which in the future will allow the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics achieving the desired results. And our goal is one – to return to our homeland. Let's dig in!" said Alexander Zakharchenko in his opening speech.

Committee members from countries friendly to the Republic noted in their speeches that even the Crimea should learn a lot from Donetsk in matters of development in isolation conditions. Members of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation said that the tribunal over the Kiev war criminals will take place. Olga Kovitidi even asked Alexander Zakharchenko to accept her as a member of the commission from the DPR.


After the plenary session, the participants spread among several working platforms: "Restoring Economic Relations between Donbass and Russia", "Humanitarian and Cultural Integration of Donbass and Russia", "Best Integration Practices of Donbass and Russia's Public Relations" and "International Support of Donbass".