DPR Head to hold Q&A session with Ukrainian residents on April 14

Dear residents of Ukraine, a year has passed since the first online conference took place, the one which I had with Kharkov. Then, a year ago, we held six Question and Answer sessions with the regions of Novorossiya and Kiev. I received more than 20 thousand questions, and not from Ukraine alone. A great deal of things has changed this year both in Ukraine, and in our land, in the Donetsk People’s Republic, and in the world. Taking into account the changes that occurred, I am sure that this time we will reach the same number of questions, if not more.

And the key change lies in the fact that the illegal Banderite Kiev regime has become decrepit very quickly, the energy of hatred and hate-driven violence is fading from it. Alongside with the regime’s decrepitude, there is growing audaciousness of civil society and the citizens’ pursuance of changes, law restoration, freedom, and order.

It becomes obvious to everyone both in Donbass, in Ukraine, and in the world that the end of the illegal Kiev regime is nigh. And now we should start looking ahead to how all of us will be living in the wide spread that the country called Ukraine previously occupied. This country has ceased to exist in that foregone state. Will we fight with each other to our common eternal enemies’ delight or cooperate?

I would like to discuss these vast and serious issues with you. I am awaiting your questions and I promise to answer all of them if possible, including the most unpleasant ones, if they appear to be informative.

Alexander Zakharchenko, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic


The Question and Answer session will be held on Friday, April 14. At 10:00 all the partners' sources will proceed to publishing answers to those questions, which will have come in advance, on the official site of the DPR Head - https://av-zakharchenko.su/. A.V. Zakharchenko will join the Q&A session at 12:00 and will be answering questions within one and a half hours in real time.
The online conference is to last until 14:00.


On this site you can put your question in one of three formats: video, audio or as a text message. You can put your question only once. You do not need to provide personal information, as it is not filed anywhere. Only the region and / or city should be specified for the answers to be more target-focused.